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The best way to protect your edges is not to try to cover them up, but to customize the wig by trimming it back and using your natural baby hairs. We sell edge control where it does not flake or fall off, so it creates baby hairs in the front that gives your hairline a natural look. Adding baby hairs can help the unit look more realistic when its installed on your head.

Bobby Pins

If your wig does not come with clips inside, have some bobby pins in the vicinity to add to the wig to secure it! Wig clips are a better option, but you can use bobby pins when you don’t have that option! So here are some simple suggestions click here.

There have been a few times where I have encountered a unit with no type of clip or comb to secure my wig. To be honest, before I realized I could use bobby pins, I would get so nervous that the right gust of wind at the wrong time could blow my wig right off my head!

However, with bobby pins, you can pin the sides of your clipless unit down to your perimeter braid, and rest assured that your wig is stable. Just take two to four bobby pins, pin your braid, and you are good to go.

I typically do one above each ear and two at the nape of my neck for extra security. Because the hair falls over the pins, I don’t have to worry about the pins showing and giving away my secret!

Wig Tape

Wig tape is a great way to secure your wig to secure the wig to your head; it is recommended that you get this type of installation done by a professional hairstylist to avoid traction alopecia in your hairline area. If you have sensitive skin like me then check out this link that gives you an array of products to choose from.


Wig tape is attached to the underside of your wig and around the hairline, (it is sometimes applied with medical-grade adhesives) giving the wig wearer a more extended and secure hold for up to two weeks. It’s a more scalp-friendly alternative than wig glue. Still, since wig adhesives can irritate a sensitive scalp, we recommend that a skin test should be performed before using, particularly for those recovering from cancer treatment. However, wig tape is a great way to keep your wig in place while allowing for natural movement. 


Best for hair-free areas, as the tape is double-sided. It can be unpleasant if it adheres to your hair (if you have some). That being said, many different types of adhesive removers are available on the market. Again, we highly recommend you seek guidance from a professional hairstylist to find the right solution for you.

Wig tape has polyurethane tabs which some medical wigs may have. If your wigs do not have this, clients also used tape against a standard cap, which works in the same way. For additional wig security, you can add silicone solution sheet strips to your wig or hairpiece and the tape will attach to the wig on one side, and the scalp to the other. As briefly mentioned, there are varying strengths, and our clients testify that tape works and is very secure! You will not have to worry about hair flying down the street like tumbleweed. Tape can even hold up when your scalp gets sweaty. A roll of tape will last you a long time! It is good value for money, and if security for an extended period is what you require, then it’s most likely the best way to secure a wig.


The Wig Grip was designed to make wearing a wig more secure, confident, and comfortable. It adjusts to body movements, evenly distributes the weight of a wig or hat, and keeps them from slipping. Take a look at our selection of wig grips here.


The Wig Grip is phenomenal for alleviating pressure and does provide excellent wig security.

If you want to remove your wig regularly throughout the day, it is perfect as it is easy to take on and off.

If you wear wig tape all day, you can sometimes find you can get a tension headache. You may find that the Wig Grip band is a more lightweight and comfortable option.


For those asking how to secure a capless wig, a wig cap may be the perfect solution for you. There are many benefits to wearing a wig cap, mainly that it guarantees that long or short natural hair will stay in place. What’s more, it prevents the natural hair from breaking easily due to friction, creating a safe and sanitized barrier between the wig and scalp that maintains the cleanliness of your wig.  Some of our customers love wig caps, and some don’t. It is an entirely personal preference. Thankfully, the wig caps we sell are very affordable. Wig caps don’t just act as a protective barrier between the scalp and your wig, but they are also a tool for keeping your hairpiece in place. There are many benefits to using wig caps; more details can be found in our previous post.


Wig Caps hold everything in place and are ideal for shorter and longer natural hair and bare scalps.

Wig caps can also smooth out the surface underneath a wig, especially with lumps often caused by the loss of natural hair. As a result of the wig cap, wigs often rest much better on the head, producing a more natural look.

The potential downside of wearing a wig cap is that it can make things hot under your wig, meaning it could cause you to feel the heat and become a little uncomfortable. Despite this, wig caps are worth a try, as the security and look they provide are excellent but just be aware that they’re not every wig wearer’s cup of tea!


Wig clips are easy to use and inexpensive to secure your wigs every day. Once you’ve styled your wig, all your need to do is lift a handful of the top section of the wig and place the clips in to secure the wig around your head. The number of clips and size you need will depend on the style and how secure the wig feels. It’s good to do a few trial runs of securing the wig with clips before wearing your wig out, just so you feel comfortable and confident with where you have placed the clips.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article I hope you found the information in it to be useful. Before you go on to read another article I invite you to take a close look at the wigs we offer. If you can not find what you are looking for please contact us directly. View our collection here.

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